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Your Genes are not a Life Sentence

What does your genetic code mean for your health and wellness?  

It turns out that it is not as big an indicator as once believed.  Ever since Watson and Crick published their findings about the double helix DNA in 1953, most people have assumed that they are a slave to their genetic code; with it being set, the balance in your life’s bank account was deposited and can be used up.  The belief was you were destined to have the same disease processes or die of the same diseases that your family members had.  This is a form of fatalism that is an easy way to blame a poor lifestyle on.

Today we know better.  Yes your genetic code can show that you have a predisposition to certain disease processes but those genes must be turned on and off.  So what is it that turns those genes on and off?  It’s our environment.  Environmental factors like diet, physical activity, water, pollution, smoking, and many more play the largest roll in whether our genes are turned on and off.  At the Café of Life we work with you to restore the integrity of your neurostructural system and educate you on how to support that system by lessening the environmental stressors that lead to your genes being turned on and off; it’s not by chance that we call it living a “Life By Design”.

Dr. Joel Richards

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