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Why Movement is King

Brent Tiesma

My father-in-law passed away just over a year ago. As you can imagine it was a very sad experience. But unlike the unexpected passing of my tour-de-force mother-in-law in January of this year, Jiji’s health had been deteriorating since I first met him over 15 years ago. In the end, his death wasn’t as ‘unexpected’ and in some ways a natural conclusion for someone who had been suffering for so long.


Jiji’s decline in health was also closely linked to his ability to move. Small sacrifices in his range of movement ultimately led to a fall, that led to a hospital visit, that led to being bedridden and no longer ‘moving’ and to him losing what little independence he had left. His death followed closely after. In the end, our bodies are simply hardwired to move. Of course, we did our best to encourage and bring about a change (You can still read the blog my wife kept the last summer she was able to spend with her father ).


but ultimately; we all hold the keys to our own kingdom. Change, like healing, can only come from within.


I remember the first time I went to Think by Design, it was like a whole new world opened up to me – I learned about values, defining what’s important to me, then making life decisions around those values.  Mind blown! It hasn’t been a perfect journey since my first TBD seminar but at the very least I’ve felt responsible for my own choices since then.


Jiji’s story isn’t meant to scare anyone into moving anymore than they want to or attend the upcoming Move by Design Seminar on Tues. June 9th. Contrary, the point is to recognize that movement is king and the choices we make or don’t make today can decide our future tomorrow. For my family and I, that includes moving and following the Move by Design principles. Hope to see you out to our next Move by Design Seminar on Sept. 15th.


Brent is the Cafe of Life’s go to Tech CA, computer whiz, designer and anything else that needs to get done. He and his family live a Life by Design and his Life by Design journey started with a Move by Design seminar.


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