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What is Mindfulness?

Rebecca Ogilvie

Let your shoulders soften down and away from your ears. Relax your jaw… even release your tongue from the top of your mouth if it’s resting there. Now inhale through your nose… and exhale through your mouth.

Ever wonder what mindfulness is? Mindfulness is that big deep breath you take before you go into a meeting. Mindfulness is sitting down to dinner with your family, looking around and being so darn grateful for everything in front of you. Mindfulness is turning off your morning alarm and listening to the birds chirp for a few moments before getting up to start your day. Mindfulness is a practice you develop and build on over time to better your mental health.

Remember when you tried your first push up or pull up and were like “umm… this is impossible. I’m pretty sure my body cannot physically do this”? Yet after diligent practice, you began to see improvements that encouraged you to keep going and get better.

This fast-paced world we live in has us all moving through life so quickly we have forgotten how to slow down. Do you feel like you spend much of your day behind, in a rush or on “fast forward”? This is why we encourage you to build this practice, starting with one breath, one thought or one minute each day.

The last couple of monthly newsletters discussed our autonomic nervous system and the contrast between our “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” response. Finding balance between the two is imperative for living a healthy life. We can’t always be running for our lives and we can’t always be sleeping (although that can seem like an extremely appealing concept). We have to live and move and breathe and accomplish things.

Mindfulness brings you back to the present moment. Rather than living in the future of what needs to be done, or repeating past experiences through your head over and over, you remain connected to this moment: right here and now.

The more you appreciate what you have NOW, what you are achieving NOW and where you are TODAY, your need for more or less falls away. You are in control of your monkey mind. You can decide to slow or minimize your thoughts. You get to decide when you feel good, when you let go of the crap cluttering your mind, when you allow a sense of peace to come over your entire body. Mindfulness helps you get those moments more consistently each and every day.


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