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Forget Will Power... Get Your values RIGHT!!!

Brent Tiesma | Tech CA

The folly of Will Power is that you either have an unwavering drive to see your vision through or you’re simply too weak minded to keep at it. It’s a dangerous way of thinking that does little for your self-concept, esteem or goal achievement. January is the perfect example. They say that only 9.2% of people who make New Year Resolutions actually see them through. Whoa! Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to create goals of bettering yourself. It means that there must be a better way of creating goals and habits that can stick around for more than a couple of weeks.

With Think by Design this month, it’s a great time to revisit the big take away of this seminar and why it’s such a great one to attend because it drives home the need for Value Based Decision Making. What’s that? It means that the goals you want to create and the habits you want to form go deeper than just saying ‘I want to look good in a swim suit come summer’.  They have depth to them. They have reasoning and meaning.  Better yet, your goals (a.k.a those pesky resolutions) come naturally as a result of those values.

Say, you want to wake up at 5am each day and plan out your day. Well, making a resolution that “I’m going to go through my calendar every morning at 5am’ really isn’t going to take you far. However, if you had a deep-seated belief that waking up early is what leaders do to get the jump on the competition and that by focusing on your day ahead will bring you closer to the success you want to achieve in 2017 then you may find it easier to skip hitting the snooze bar and pull yourself out of your cozy bed. Sure, it won’t be easy but now you have some fire behind it.

Same with healthy eating.

Simply stating that 2017 is the year you’re going to cut down on sugar will get you about as far as the first day your co-worker brings in a box of donuts. Now you’re left kicking because you didn’t have the ‘willpower’ to resist those yummy treats. Again, ‘willpower’ is a terrible measuring stick because you didn’t properly set yourself up for success to begin with. Now say vitality was one of your highest values and you know sugar to be toxic and dangerous, then perhaps it’s easier to say no to the donuts. Now you’re able to consciously say no to sugary processed foods and as result I bet you’ll find yourself a few pounds lighter and looking good in a swimsuit come summertime. New Year’s resolution achieved!!

These are the natural results of value based decisions, because ultimately, it’s not about the results. Why is your goal to lose 10lbs? Why is 10 the magical marker? Why not 20 or 30? Why cap the potential of your resolution with a number on a scale? Why not change you, your habits, the lens you process the world through instead?  So forget about using will power to achieve some arbitrary goals you wrote down on a party napkin on December 31st, define and understand the values you want in your life and make some lasting change.

Our 2017 Think by Design seminar run Monday, January 16th and Monday July 17. Book your attendance on our Eventbrite page or simply let us know.

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