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Top 3 Tips For Staying on Track This Holiday Season

The up-coming holiday season is likely to be a major pattern-interrupt for most of us so here is our top 3 tips for staying on track this holiday Season. Even if you aren’t planning on traveling, the numerous social gatherings and extra excuses to have a little more “Christmas Cheer” can take easily derail you from better eating habits. One thing we often hear from people after they have been away on vacation or gone on holidays is, “I just can’t wait to get back into my normal routine, my eating has been all over the place!”  That doesn’t have to be you this year!

To help you reach January feeling great, here are our top 3 tips for fueling your body well through the holidays:

  • If at all possible, bring food to every event. Choose a dish that is healthy and relatively hearty – don’t bring just a salad. This is your safety net, in case everything else is junk.
  • Get your protein in! Hit the meat & cheese plate and load up on turkey. Not only will this make you feel full more quickly, feel full for longer, and rev up your metabolism, the high protein choices are typically also the most nutrient dense. This nest one is the most important one ….
  • Don’t give it up for just any old thing – hold out for “the one.”

Do you remember your first crush? You were all warm and fuzzy on the inside and all you could think about was how amazing that person was, how good they made you feel, how funny and good looking they were… You probably couldn’t have come up with one thing “wrong” about that person. But pretty quickly, the shine wore off and you realized that they weren’t really all that great.

Don’t do the same thing to stale, store-bought Christmas cookies. Don’t stare at them and tell yourself how good they taste and how they will just melt in your mouth. Don’t waste time lying to yourself about how they are going to be awesome.

Most treats are NOT Mr. or Mrs. Right. Most ‘treats’ are a one-night stand that will leave you feeling empty and regretful in the morning — I should also remind you that this effect is amplified by a couple of adult beverages!


Now, think about the last time you romanticized food for yourself, I know you’ve had a last time — we’ve all had a ‘last time.’

How did you feel after you ate whatever it was that you just HAD to
have? Did it taste as good as you thought it would? As you amazing as you wanted
it to?

How did your body feel after? Were you running to the bathroom later that day or night? Were you bloated, gassy, moody, or tired after?

I’m not telling you to avoid indulging 100% of the time (although I do think it’s a good idea for people to avoid wheat 100% of the
time!), but I do want to remind you of how you feel when you stray. YOU KNOW how you feel when you stray.

So if you are going to go for it, do it for the one thing (or –okay – maybe two) that’s really worth it, and then really enjoy it!

Have a happy, healthy holiday season!

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