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Thermography -- More than a Case of the Goose Bumps

Brent Tiesma | Tech CA
If you’ve had an assessment at the Cafe of Life, you know we use some cold instruments in our pursuit for hard data that your care is eliciting the change Dr. Joel wants to see.

First we use two ‘coldish’ sensors for our surface Electromology (sEMG) scan that allows us to measure the muscle activity along your spine and pinpoint areas of overactivity and/ or imbalance. Practice members have commented that the sensors actually feel colder as it moves down spine.

However, compared to our Thermography scan, the sEMG sensors are like a cool day in Hawaii. Fortunately, although the thermal scanner is colder than a frozen stethoscope, the scan itself is non-invasive, gentle and often takes under 24 seconds to perform.

So, what function does the Thermography play in your scan besides giving you a good case of the goose bumps?

Primarily, the thermal scanner identifies areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation by measuring the change in skin temperature as we ascend up the spine. Essentially it shows Dr. Joel places of interference that could be affecting the part of your nervous system that’s responsible for your organs, glands and blood vessels. Obviously, those are important things to assess.

How does temperature along the spine tell us all that? Our body loves homeostasis and it uses blood vessels as another way to control our temperature. Our blood vessels expand to release heat and contract to retain it.  This complex neurological activity is essential for life and controlled by our autonomic nervous system. That same system that’s responsible for all the things we don’t think about: the function of our organs & glands, the regulation of hormones, the performance of our immune system and the dilation and constriction of our blood vessels. When a person has nerve interference or inflammation along the spine, that can limit the the nervous system’s ability to properly calibrate and dilate the size of the blood vessels affecting the function and performance of the autonomic system.

Since proper function of organs, glands and blood vessels are so vital to life, health and even immunity, Thermography gives us a great tool to measure, assess and track how your body is adapting to the stressors in your life in a way that we could feel (aside from a cold thermal scanner running up our back).

We perform Thermography scans as part of our initial consultation at the Cafe of Life. Want to get a snapshot of your nervous system health? Come in for a new person visit and find out how Chiropractic can increase your function and move you towards an extraordinary life.  

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