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Talking Pain

Dr. Joel continues to talk pain, the role of pain killers and how Chiropractic can help play a role in pain management.

Hey guys! Dr. Joel Richards here with Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio. We recently shot a video about changing pain through an adjustment and changing the way the brain experiences that pain. Now in that video we talked a little bit about spinal pain and how much money is spent worldwide on that yearly. We’re looking upwards of six hundred billion dollars spent on spinal pain. Now the typical treatment that we’re seeing for pain worldwide is opioids. And opioids are a dangerous type of medication. These medications are highly addictive and dangerous. There are a lot of side effects to these medications. Basically we’re chasing that pain and we’re not getting to the root cause or making some lasting changes. All we’re doing is continually taking these medications. We need to revolutionize and change the way that we’re taking care of these people because, in my experience, if you’re coming in and you are taking opioids, you don’t want to. You don’t want to be on these medications. They can be devastating to your family and it can lead to lots of side effects, even as bad as overdose.

Chiropractic fits into this paradigm of helping people to remove that pain. Chiropractic isn’t a treatment for pain and it’s not a cure for pain. What chiropractic does is it assesses the spine and nervous system, we make small corrections in that so that we can restore mobility restore alignment and allow the nervous system and the central nervous system to communicate better. In turn what we see is the body works better. We see less pain because the nervous system is apt at optimizing the way that we experience that. In our office our goal is to detect and correct those misalignments in the spine so that we can see that optimization.

I see babies and newborns and pregnant mothers, mothers, fathers, grandparents – all because if you have a spine, you can benefit from chiropractic care. If you’re someone who’s experiencing this pain and you’re experiencing having to take opioids and harsh chemicals into the body because of them, we want to help you. If I think we can help when we sit down and do it an assessment for you, then we continue on with care. If I don’t think that can help, we’ll try and find somebody who can help.

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