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Squat Challenge 2.0

Brent continues the discussion on the importance of being able to get into and sit in a 3rd world squat position.

Last post we recommended a 10 minute / 30 day challenge where you accumulate 10 minutes throughout the day in a full, sitting squat position. Sitting and lack of movement shortens and tightens ligaments and other tissues, often to the point where we simply can’t get into positions we were designed to be in. The expression ‘use it or lose it’ fits perfectly to this case. Leave your arm above your head for 20 years and you’ll lose complete function of it. Likewise, sitting in a chair for long hours shortens heels cords and hip flexors. As a result, you start losing key parts of your movement spectrum.

We want you to USE IT because when you do – you’re moving yourself towards health. Being mobile is the fountain of youth. Frankly, mobility improves your quality of life and the effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustments.

See what happens when you go into a squat position.

For most people their heels come off the ground, their feet flare out, their knees turn inwards or they can’t keep their chest up in that squat position. In the coming newsletters we’ll look at how you can identify these faults and action steps you can take to correct them.