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Poor Posture: The Termites of Health

Termites account for more annual home damage costs in the state of Florida than all weather-related damages in that state combined. Termite inspectors describe houses in Florida as either a home with termites or a home that will eventually get termites. Infestation tends to be unavoidable and damage links directly to vigilance in terms of containment and extermination.

The termite analogy accurately compares to the issue of poor posture. The modern world facilitates an almost unavoidable influx of posture problems. Technology leads the assault on proper posture with phones and computers creating problems at alarming rates. Termite damage begins away from prying eyes and inflicts substantial damage by the time warning signs begin to surface. The internal deterioration of the spine also begins slowly before increasing exponentially over time. Unhealthy habits include staring at a computer screen and looking at a cell phone for hours each day translate into an accumulation of signs and symptoms that signal a dangerous living situation for the foundation of the body.

People tend to blindly acknowledge that poor posture contributes negatively to overall health, yet few understand the dramatic extent of the damage on the entire human organism. Most of the public tend to assume the consequences of poor posture manifest in back pain or cosmetic issues like a slumped appearance. Scientific research proves musculoskeletal damage results in far more damaging consequences. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine followed more than four thousand men for over 20 years. The results had shown the men who had lost over 3 centimeters in height due to poor posture over that time experienced a 64 percent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. Proper posture directly impacts the intimate relationship between the spine, nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. The health of the heart and Termites account for more annual home damage costs in the state of Florida than all weather-related damages in other organs improve dramatically when the nervous system functions at optimal levels. Evidence also shows poor posture proves detrimental to organ health. Proper alignment of the spine provides an added boost to the health of every individual.

Posture problems cannot be corrected by simply focusing on sitting or walking in an upright manner. The research proves when getting to the root of posture problems it requires evaluating and addressing spinal alignment and movement. Chiropractic care improves posture and positively influences the central nervous system. The overall effects of a healthy nervous system radiate through subsidiary systems which control immunity, digestion, breathing and much more. Millions of people seek treatment for symptoms which are a direct result from interference in the nervous system. Pharmaceutical drugs and medicines enter the body to treat those symptoms although never address the source or cause of the problem. Chiropractic focuses on the optimal positioning and functioning of the spine and brain. Removing symptom-causing interference from the nervous system by adjusting the spine allows the body to communicate with itself and promotes healing and optimal function at the source.

Resistance to unnecessary surgeries and mass consumption of pharmaceutical drugs drives people to better understand health care avenues that advocate natural health and healing. The link between poor posture and chronic disease physiology leads tens of thousands of people to Chiropractic care as a primary health care provider. Better education and evidence-based research proves that establishing a relationship with Chiropractic care makes for a healthier society and a brighter tomorrow.

Archives of Internal Medicine, Dec 11-25 2006 “Height loss in older men, associations with total mortality and incidence of cardio vascular disease?.” SG Wannamethee, AG Sharper, L Lennon, PH Whincup

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