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Optimizing the Mind

It’s an easy mistake to make – thinking of creating health as involving only physical actions.  Every week you address the brain-body connection through specific chiropractic care, properly fuel your body via Eat By Design foods and receive adequate exercise by following Move By Design protocols.  You experience more energy, better sleep, a stronger immune system and clearer thinking….  The assumption is you’re doing everything you need to live an extraordinary life and the results speak for themselves.


Not so fast! To truly be well, you must do everything, at the same time, for a period of time, preferably a lifetime.


The most overlooked requirement for optimizing our health and maximizing our life is fulfilled by the actions and processes that occur right between your ears.  The mind is the greatest gift humans have, and our ability to think consciously helps define us as a species.  Without deliberate thought regarding the nature of your existence and why you wake up every day, you’re relegated to living the life the world defines for you.  Welcome to the status quo.


Just as there are physiological needs like food, movement, sleep and nerve supply; there are also mental requirements like beliefs, self-esteem and purpose.


1. We are all born into our beliefs.  How we think today is a jumbled mix of ideas passed on to us by our parents, school, media, church and friends.  Little to no conscious thinking goes into their development and yet they form the basis for most of the actions we take that define our lives.

Example: Every time a child takes a pill to mask a symptom, the message is: “Your body is weak and needs outside help.”  This false belief is a major reason why we live in a quick-fix culture avoiding responsibility for our own health.

Since much of our unhappiness is driven by these false beliefs, it is our ability to identify them and create new more empowering ones that will form the moral compass for our lives.


2.  Few things are more important than the judgment one passes on oneself. Our self-esteem empowers us to take actions that align with our consciously created beliefs.  High self-esteem allows us to accept ourselves, speak our truth, be responsible for our lives and take massive action to create the life we desire.


3.  From here it’s merely a question of “What do you want to see in your life?” and “What is your purpose?”  Many expect it will magically appear but like the rest of your life, it’s yours to create.


Change your mind. Change your life!  Start with the first things first, and extraordinary really can be that simple.

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