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Life By Design

Life By Design logoThere is always a lot going on in our Life By Design Community. From seminars, events, CrossFit classes, to the local Life By Design Partners Program. You will find links and access to everything you will need to make Life By Design your Lifestyle for a Lifetime.

Life By Design is your guide to an extraordinary life.

Co-created by Dr. Jamie and Dr. Joel Richards, Life By Design is based on the fundamental truth that every human being is designed to be extraordinary and that fulfilling the basic requirements for life will lead to an elevated expression of health, performance and potential.

Four strategies form the basis of living your Life By Design:

Power By Design logo

Power by Design – Power By Design is the strategy that helps to restore optimal brain – body communication by analyzing for interference in nerve function and making specific adjustments to the spine when needed. This is our approach to Chiropractic.

Eat by Design logo

Eat by Design – Eat By Design is not a diet but instead is a strategy designed to ensure you get the essential building blocks that your body needs. Register for our next upcoming Eat By Design Seminar by clicking on the link.

Move by Design logo

Move by Design – Move By Design delivers the most effective impact in the shortest amount of time to support full joint mobility, strength, power, and endurance. We host Move by Design Seminar once every quarter, follow the link to register.

Think by Design logo

Think by Design – Think By Design optimizes the mind to help you clarify beliefs, improve self-esteem, and realize your soul purpose. Join our the next Think By Design Seminar by clicking the link to register.

Additional Life By Design Resources

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West London CrossFit is a Life by Design approved facility that incorporates CrossFit and the Move by Design principles to enables people (no matter their shape, size or level) to unlock their potential. Find WLCF on Facebook or try a FREE CLASS today.

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