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Laura's Corner Returns

Laura Checks In

To those of you who don’t know me, my name is Laura and I was the face you would see at the front desk before I had my sweet baby boy Ryker and went on maternity leave! To those of you I did get to know over the past 5 years or so, I miss you!

I thought I would start with a mini recap of my first year as a mom (I still can not believe that in just a couple months Ryker will be ONE). Ryker, Kevin and I kept very busy this year between becoming parents and starting an electrical business. Ryker has already been up to Muskoka, Port Elgin and Kincardine and down to Cape Cod and New Bedford.

Did I mention we got married? Yep, an impromptu wedding planned in just two weeks, we said ‘I do’ on December 21st. We are looking forward to heading to Hawaii for our honeymoon/family vacation at the end of April. Being a mom has been the greatest joy in my life, and with that I will say that I will not be returning to the front next in March. Instead I will be staying home with Ryker and working for Dr Joel by watching his kids after school each day for a couple hours.

I am still in the office each week to get checked, of course so I really hope I will see more of you who I haven’t run into this past year. I am very fortunate to have found the Cafe at the time that I did. I truly believe that the lifestyle I have been living ever since has helped me not only through my pregnancy and home birth but also being a new mom. Thank you all for all your kindness and love that I have felt during my time working at the Cafe of Life!  

- xo Laura

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