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By Dr. Joel Richards

Did you know that everyday in our office people are receiving care that has been associated with a significant drop in High Blood Pressure.  Back in 2007 a study was published in the Journal of Human Hypertension.  In this study they took patients with high blood pressure and half received a specific upper cervical adjustment and the other half received a sham adjustment.  The results were nothing short of miraculous.  In fact they were better than taking a combination of two drugs that typical high blood pressure patients would be on.  The patients that received the real adjustment saw an average drop of 14 mm Hg in their systolic pressure and 8 mm Hg in their diastolic.

The adjustments that were performed were delivered to the Atlas vertebra and were performed after a full assessment of the nervous system.  This brings up a good talking point as to why in our office we “test not guess” and then re-test.  We want to make sure that the corrections that we perform are specific and precise.

Atlas in Greek mythology was the god who held the world on his shoulders. The Atlas bone is the tiny 2-4 ounce bone that holds the weight of the head on its shoulders (about 10 lbs). When the Atlas shifts or twists out of position (SUBLUXATION).  It can irritate the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system which can affect signals to different organs of your body and can have a role in health problems such as high blood pressure as well as many others, all with out the presence of PAIN.

The chiropractic adjustment has never claimed to be a cure for anything.  The reason that people with high blood pressure had seen a drop with specific chiropractic adjustments is that their body was functioning more optimally when there is less pressure or subluxation on the spine and nervous system.  That is why after I check your spine and make any necessary adjustments I say, “Your Power is on!”

Far too many people do not fully understand and experience the vast benefits of Chiropractic care.  Scientific research shows us again and again that a fully functioning and optimized nervous system leads to a great quality of life.

Is Your Power On?

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