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Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

If you have been around our office long enough then you should have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”, but is sitting the new smoking?

Well yes and no. Sitting itself is not the new smoking but inactivity, which is associated with sitting for extended periods of time, is as bad as smoking. We are sitting upwards of 13 hours a day, which replaces our chance for activity. The more time you spend your waking hours sitting especially in front of the TV or computer, the shorter and less robust your life may be. Recent studies have reviled that a sedentary lifestyle is associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.


Physical activity seems to reduce the risks by increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing body fat, reducing inflammation and hormonal imbalances. So if you are going to sit for a living, the way to negate some of those effects is to become more active.


Some action steps to lessen the affects of a sedentary job would be:


Set a timer and get up and move around every 15-20 minutes. It can be to get some water or a bathroom break or even just to stretch and do some of those Move by Design life extension exercises that you were taught.


What the heck is NEPA? Non-exercise physical activity. Daily movement isn’t just training at the gym. It includes play, which is the last proponent of Move By Design. Walking the dog, wrestling with your kids, gardening, cleaning, taking the stairs, parking in the last spot and walking are all forms of NEPA.


Going to the gym and having a balanced program of weight training and higher intensity cardiovascular training is a requirement for healthy living and there is no substitute for that. Now you have all the tools all you have to do now is RISE UP!


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