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Intelligent Sneezes

My 5-year-old son Finley was riding in the car with me this morning when he suddenly blasted off a massive sneeze.  “WHOA!” he laughed, “That was HUGE!”  “Hey Dad?” he asked, “Why do I always sneeze whenever I look at the sun?”  “Well,” I asked him back, “What do you think about that?”  “Well,” he began, “I’ve actually thought about this a few times.  I think that our bodies are really smart, and they know that we shouldn’t be looking at the sun because it will hurt our eyes.  We learned in school that our bodies are so smart that our eyes always close when we sneeze so that the stuff we’re sneezing out doesn’t get into our eyes.  Soooo…I think that our bodies make us sneeze whenever we look at the sun, so that we will close our eyes and not hurt them.  Is that right?”

What a great thought!  Our bodies are really smart, and they always try to do what’s best for us overall!  I LOVE this!  But do you know what my favorite part of this story is?  It’s the fact that my son completely trusts his body and the Wisdom that animates, coordinates, adapts, repairs, and grows it from conception all the way until death.  That is because he has been raised in a household that teaches and lives the vitalistic chiropractic philosophy and lifestyle.

What does that lifestyle entail?  The main thing is that your body is an amazing gift that acts as your vehicle as you move progressively toward the full expression of your purpose and potential in every area of your life.  It is self regulating, self-healing and always knows what to do, as long as there is a clear neurological connection between your brain and your body, so that your Intelligent and Organizing Life Energy can do its job.

Because of the intimate connections between your spine and nerve system, keeping a clear brain-body connection requires an aligned and functioning spine, which is why we always recommend getting checked by your chiropractor every week or so.  When you do your part of keeping a positive focus and living a healthy lifestyle, and when your spine and nerve system are functioning normally, you can TRUST that whatever is happening in your body is happening for a reason.

What do I mean when I say you can trust what your body is doing?  Very simply, it means that instead of seeing fever, vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, sneezing, coughing, itching, changes in your skin, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol (or almost any other blood test finding for that matter), bone spurs and other changes your body goes through as mistakes that need to be corrected, you understand that they are very likely purposeful adjustments by your Innate Intelligence to return you to or maintain your natural state of health, balance, harmony and ease.  It also means that the idea that we were born with an ineffective immune system that requires the use of outside things like pills, potions and lotions is ridiculous in most cases.

Many people say that we chiropractors hate drugs and medications.  This simply is not true!  We understand that in certain cases, they can prevent death and are therefore very valuable.  It’s not that we hate these things, it’s just that the idea that everybody needs them is as ridiculous and crazy as telling someone they need to drink a cup of blue paint every day in order to be healthy.

Teaching your kids to know and trust their bodies is one of the most important things you can do for them.  It will give them the confidence to believe in themselves and give them the best chance of being all they were meant to be.  And that…is nothing to sneeze at!

Dr. Joel Richards is owner of the Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio and West London CrossFit. When he’s not checking families or coaching classes, he’s raising his 2 boys with his wife Jacquie. To book a consultation with the Cafe of Life, simply call 519-439-5353 or send us a email

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