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Chiropractic is NOT a Juice Cleanse


Dr. Justine Ward

…Or I should say its not JUST a juice cleanse.

It sounds silly but since most people use chiropractic exactly like they would use a juice cleanse, this is a conversation we need to have.

Many people LOVE juice cleanses. They eat tons junk food and drink lots of alcohol and sugary drinks, do not exercise, and sit in their cars and at their desks all day. Little by little their body shows the signs of their habits. They feel bloated and out of shape, maybe even constipated. Their clothes get tighter and their skin breaks out. Finally, they hit that wall. They can’t spend even one more day feeling sluggish, tired, and gross.  So they decide to go on a cleanse and try to purge their system… or maybe its not even that they feel so awful. Maybe it is that they need to fit into a bathing suit or wedding dress. Either way, in the short term, they need to undo what they’ve been doing.

Three days later, they feel slim and light and energetic. Boom — The cleanse worked! 10 pounds down and happy as a clam, they go back to doing exactly what they were doing before. If juice cleanses had a genuine slogan it would read something like, “Come back to me when you feel disgusting and I’ll fix you for a few days.”

Most people use chiropractic the exact same way. They put their body under an incredible amount of stress. They sit a lot, assume chronic poor postures, are deconditioned and lack movement and exercise. One day, their body reaches its limit and starts to hurt. Maybe they reach for a bottle of Advil. Or, maybe they decide they’d like a more “natural” approach and have heard chiropractic care can help. So they call and make an appointment. They go in for their ‘treatment”. After one or maybe a handful of “treatments”, they feel better again. Then they stop going and return to exactly what they were doing before. Their chiropractor says, “Great. Glad you’re better. Come back when it hurts again.” In both cases, this is just a very temporary fix for a problem they have spent months or years creating.

A juice cleanse helps you feel better because you stop putting toxins in your body and start giving it nutrients. It has nothing to do with flushing your system. All it does is give your body some of the raw materials that it needs to start working better.

Amazingly, chiropractic works the exact same way. Having a chiropractic adjustment gives your nervous system a boost. Your body needs a nervous system that is firing on all cylinders in order to feel and function at its best.  A single adjustment won’t cause instant magical healing in tissues that are damaged. Instead, what it can do is help your body regulate better. The result is a proper immune response. Which means less inflammation, as well as the correct signals going to and from the brain in the most efficient way possible. One benefit of this is that your pain response is normal, not exaggerated, so the adjustment may help you feel better.

Some people are always going to be juice cleanse people. They are always going to go through phases of letting themselves go and wanting a quick fix. Similarly, there will always be people who use chiropractic care just for emergency pain relief. If you fall into this category and are happy, keep on keeping on. However, there are many people out there who are not juice cleanse people. People who would rather give their body what it needs most of the time and who like to feel and function better consistently instead of the detox-retox roller coaster.

Using chiropractic care just to fix pain is like using fruits and vegetables just to cleanse. They can be effective in those roles, but if that’s all you think they are good for, you’re missing the big picture. Appropriate care for your brain and neurological system, is just like nutritious food, both have the biggest impact on your health when used on a consistent basis.

If you are looking for a real solution to an ongoing issue with your health, or are looking for ways to function and perform at a higher level, chiropractic care is a perfect strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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