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Chiropractic Can Save Your Life And Your Wallet

By Dr. Joel Richards

Most of the public is ignorant to the benefits of chiropractic and when they do venture into an office it is usually because of back pain or headaches. That’s because chiropractors have been pigeon holed into that type of care. If you are using chiropractic care to fix a symptom or an aliment, you are missing out on the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments.

A research study in 2007 spent more than seven years studying a group of more than 800 people. The study divided the subjects into two groups. One group used their medical doctor as their primary care practitioner while the other group utilized a Chiropractor as their primary care practitioner. The results of the study determined that those who used the Chiropractor as their PCP experienced 60.2% less hospital admissions, spent 59.0% fewer days in hospitals, endured 62.0% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures, and spent 85% less in pharmaceutical costs when compared to the group using a medical doctor as their PCP.

Let’s face it, our health care system looks more like a “sickness care” system. We need to wake up and start to take care of ourselves from the inside out instead of the outside in. We all know someone who is trapped in this sickness care revolving door. It’s time to break the cycle and get him or her into a chiropractor and get them checked for vertebral subluxation. They will thank you for it.

Journal of Physiological Therapeutics 2007 May;30(4):263-9

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