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Can You Help Me?

One of the most common questions we receive daily is “Do you think that taking or doing ‘X’ will help with ‘Y’?” This is a very difficult question to answer as it involves many different levels of understanding.

Level 1: Superficial

What is being asked in general is: “Can this drug, intervention, exercise, adjustment etc., make my symptom, disease, “ouchy” or “thing I don’t like”, disappear?” Taken verbatim, the honest answer is … I have no idea.

The only true answer anyone (medical experts included) can give you is “Maybe.” For example, will taking antihistamines get rid of my allergy symptoms? The honest answer is “Maybe.” How about “Will getting adjusted get rid of my allergy symptoms?” Again, the answer is “Maybe.”

Level 2: Intermediate

The wording is the same in this case, but the question means something different. It means, “Is taking ‘X’ safe for me?” The answer depends on what “it” is. Is fish oil safe? Yes. Will it help your indigestion? I don’t know.

Are chemicals safe for you? No. Just because there may not be any immediate “side” effects does not mean that chemicals are safe for you. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful, yet you can smoke many cigarettes without a noticeable difference in your health.

Level 3: Deep

At this level the question means “Will taking or doing “X” make me healthy?” If “X” is a chemical, the answer is no. Even if the chemical reduces or silences your symptoms, it is impossible for it to move you towards health. As we always say – medication has a time and a place, but it can never create health! Only your body functioning properly can create health.

This is where Life By Design and Chiropractic shine. “Doc, will getting checked and adjusted help me get healthy?” The answer is a resounding yes -100% of the time. In fact, anything that fulfills a need – Eat, Move, Think By Design or a specifically applied Chiropractic adjustment when your nerve supply is compromised — will increase health and the fullest expression of life.

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