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Introducing AquaOmega Fish Oil

Brent Tiesma | Tech CA

We all know that Fish Oil is important. It’s one of the 3 supplements the Cafe of Life recommends people take daily (probiotics and Vitamin D being the others). Not only has Fish Oils omega-3 fatty acids been linked to countless health benefits; Like lower all-cause mortality, increased longevity, immune system support, improved learning and memory, delayed brain aging by preventing atrophy (shrinkage), reduces inflammation, reduction in body fat, and improved ability to combat excess stress, but can even enhance athletic performance.

With such amazing benefits, it should come as no surprise that it’s been theorized that early man’s consumption of huge amounts of fish played an essential role in modern man’s evolution as it aided the development of the brain and cognitive powers.

So, we’re pretty pumped here at the Cafe of Life as this September we’re introducing a brand new fish oil to our supplement line up that still isn’t available at most store, yet — Paleo Ethics’ new AquaOmega Fish Oil.

Not only can we offer a wider range of flavors with Lemon, Orange and Tropical (think piña colada) with unflavored Soft Gels but Aqua Omega has a much better EPA and DHA profile, almost 5x better than our previous Fish oil at ½ the serving size.

Served in small glass bottles, AquaOmega is 100% anchovy based (many other oils use blends of various fishes) and by using a fish with one of the shortest lifespan means less exposure to pollutants and microplastics in the oceans today. More so, because anchovies are top-water fish and can be found in larger schools it limits the depth that nets have to go to catch them and the amount of other species might be accidentally caught while fishing.

AquaOmega’s anchovies are not farmed, sustainably caught and transported directly from the ships’ hold into their five star IFOS™ approved processing plant that same day. With the fish being extremely fresh further prevents oxidation of any kind. More importantly, from our own extensive testing (ie. our kids) this stuff gets a big thumbs up for taste. That’s saying a lot.

However, not all Fish Oil is created equal and AquaOmega not only offers a fantastic ratio of EPA to DPA, an extremely high purity level (means little to no fish taste or ‘after taste’) but is 5 star IFOS-certified (if your fish oil doesn’t have that seal, don’t buy it) and best of all, a Canadian based company out of Cornwall, Ontario.

So try our new fish oil and reap the health benefits from using it. You won’t go wrong with any flavour but make sure you don’t miss our tasting party in September.

Always look for this label on your fish oil. The International Fish Oil Standards™ (IFOS™) Program is the only third party testing and certification program for fish oils. IFOS sets the world’s highest standards for purity, potency and freshness.

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