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Why We Love the New AquaOmega Fish Oil?

We don’t recommend many supplements. In fact, we encourage people to get as many of their daily dose of nutrients and minerals from eating fresh whole foods that come without a barcode. Unfortunately for many, us included, that’s hard to do in this day in age. So, our supplement recommendations are simple: Vitamin D, Probiotics and Fish Oil.

With Eat by Design coming up this month and in celebrating the new fish oil we’re carrying in the Cafe: PaleoEthics AquaOmega. There are countless reasons to add Fish Oil to your morning routine (reducing inflammation, balancing consumption of Omega fats, improving brain function to name a few) so here’s our Top 5 why PaleoEthics’ AquaOmega Fish Oil gets big LOVE from us.


5. Great flavours!
Not just limited to lemon, we have orange and tropical, too. Aqua Omega use extracts from Monk Fruit and green tea to help preserve, sweeten and flavour their fish oil.

4. A Great Ratio
Our previous fish oil had a decent 2:1 ratio of EPA to DPA but Aqua Omega tops in with a 5:1 ratio blend which is good news to your body’s health bank account.

3. Potent Stuff
AquaOmega is seriously one of the freshest, most concentrated fish oils on the market thanks to their patented extraction and molecular distillation process. Their fish oil delivers a whopping 4382mg of Omega 3 fatty acids in just one 5ml serving!! Need some context? You would have to take up to 17 teaspoons with our previous fish oil to come close to the number.

2.One sustainable source
Most fish oils are created from various sourced fish, AquaOmega on the other hand, is sourced certifiably and exclusively from only wild anchovies in the South Pacific. Since anchovies’ diet consists of almost entirely algae and not other fish, it means they are naturally high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Not to mention, because they swim in large schools close to the top of the ocean, this mitigates bycatch and damage to coral — #winning

1. Stays down
Hate fish oil cause the taste or what comes up later? The purity and mix of extracts for taste makes this fish oil not only delicious and easy to swallow but very unlikely to come back up. Which is a big WIN for this fish oil in our books.

Be sure to check out our video posts this month with Brain Ignition’s Chett Binning on the importance of Fish Oil and be sure to try a sample of the new AquaOmega.

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