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A Change is Coming

By Dr. Joel Richards


Change is the result of making different choices consistently. But, our choices and actions are the result of how we see ourselves and the world. So, it follows that no consistent change can come about unless we first change the way we look at and interpret ourselves and our world.


What does this have to do with chiropractic? Well, receiving information about the world and interpreting that information are neurological processes. In order to receive and interpret information about yourself and the world in the most advantageous way, you must have a clear neurological CONNECTION between your brain and all of the different parts of your body that take in the information.


As you may be aware, your spinal cord is contained within your spinal column. Because of this intimate CONNECTION between your spine and your nerve system, if you lose your normal alignment or function of any part of your spine, it can cause you to partially lose your CONNECTION between your brain and your body as well, and you may not receive information about your world accurately.


This partial loss of CONNECTION between your brain and body also causes you to lose your ability to purposefully organize all of the parts of your body to function in a harmonious way, and you lose your natural state of EASE.


Whenever you lose your natural state of ease (i.e., you are experiencing dis-ease), you use energy at a greater than normal rate, and your body goes into what is called survival mode. That is, the parts of your body not necessary to your immediate survival are effectively shut down. This includes the parts of your brain that allow you to think at the highest level and see the world as a friendly place filled with possibilities, as opposed to using only the parts of the brain that see the world and everything in it as a threat to your survival.


Chiropractic’s goal is simple. It is to help restore and maintain normal alignment and function in your spine, in order to re-establish and maintain the neurological CONNECTIONS between your brain and your body, so that your Life Energy can once again go about its task of purposefully organizing all of the parts of your body to function normally, using energy as efficiently as possible and allowing you to once again regain your natural state of EASE and think at the highest level.


Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to see the world; as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle. Having a normally aligned and fully functioning spine will allow you to see a whole new world, and then you can be like Mahatma Gandhi yourself, and be the CHANGE you want to see every day, as you help create the kind of world we all dream of and hope for!


Dr. Joel is the owner of the Cafe of Life Chiropractic Studio. When he’s not in the office, delivering life changing chiropractic adjustments he’s raising his two vibrant boys or training and coaching at West London CrossFit.